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Dr. Shanmugasundaram Thangaraju



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Designation: Assistant Professor
Highest Qualifiation: PhD, Post-Doc
Contact Detail: 020-24604480
Google Scholar Link:
Total Citations: 928
H-Index: 11
I-Index: 12
Brief Description2

(Brief Description / Abstract) :

Dr.Shanmugasundaram Thangaraju joined DIAT (DU) Pune as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in 2016. He has spent several years in Germany and France as a post-doctoral researcher. He holds a Ph.D. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and B.Tech & M.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering from NIT Jamshedpur and Anna University. His research areas include deformation behavior of Materials, Metal-Matrix composite, high entropy alloys, and wear in room and high temperature. 



  • 2000: B.Sc (Engg.) Metallurgical Engg, National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur, India

  • 2004: M.Tech (Industrial Metallurgy), Anna University, India

  • 2009: Ph.D  Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

Professionl exprience 2

Professional Experience (Institution, Position and Period):

  • 2009-2012: Scientific Co-Researcher, Technical University Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany

  • 2012-2013: Scientific Co-Researcher, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany

  • 2013-2015: Post-doctoral Researcher, University Lorraine, LEM3, Metz, France

Research Domains:2

Research Domains:

  • Severe Plastic deformation, Friction Stir Processing, Powder Metallurgical processing

  • Metal-Matrix Composite, Nano-structured materials.

  • High Entropy Alloys

  • Deformation behavior of Materials

Specific Projects:2

Specific Projects:

  • Development of high strength and ductile Al-Metal-Matrix Composite, DIAT

  • Friction Stir Processing of Al alloys – L & T

  • Synthesis of light weight high Entropy alloys for automotive applications DST

  • Hydrogen embrittlement behavior of high strength naval steel – NMRL Ambernath

Research Collaborations:2

Research Collaborations:

  • IIT Kharagpur

  • IIT Madras

  • IIT Patna

  • Cranfield University, UK

Ph.D Thesis Supervision:

  • Ayush Verma  (jointly with Dr. A.C. Abhyankar). A study of welding behavior of high entropy alloys 2017 (Research in Progress)

  • Sushil Yebaji. Development of structural high entropy alloys. 2017 (Research in Progress)

  • Ayush Sourav. Deformation behavior of high entropy alloys. 2019 (Research in Progress)

  •  Sudeep Kumar. High entropy alloy coating. 2019 (Research in Progress)

M.Tech. Dissertation Supervision:

  • Development of Aluminum Alloy 7005 / TiB2+B4C Surface Composite by Friction Stir Processing for Defence Application

  • Development of Refractory Metal Coating on Ni-Cr-Mo-V steel substrate by Cold Spray Technique

  • Effect of Heat Treatment on Wear Behavior of NiCrSiB & WC-Co HVOF Coating on AISI4330V steel

  • Study on corrosion behavior of AA5083-H112 in different weld conditions

  • Effect of Friction Stir Welding Parameters on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al Alloy 7004

  • Development of high wear resistance high entropy alloy coating on mild steel by TIG welding

  • A study on corrosion behavior of AA7004 aluminum alloy processed by FSW, TIG and MIG welding

  • Development of  high wear resistance high entropy alloy carbide coating on mild steel by TIG welding

  • Study on weldability of 7xxx aluminium alloy processed by GTAW using nano-composite filler

  • Synthesis and characterization of nano Y-Ti-O particles reinforced aluminium matrix composite by powder metallurgy and modified ultrasonic stir casting methods

  • Role of Settling Velocity in Fabrication of Homogeneously Dispersed Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites by Stir Casting   

  • Study on hot deformation behaviour and weldability of HEA Study on weldability of 7xxx aluminium alloy processed by Gas Tungsten Arc Welding using nanocomposite filler

  • Design and synthesis of light weight High Entropy Alloy by high energy ball milling and spark plasma sintering for high temperature application    

  • Study of corrosion behaviour of CoCrCuNiMn HEA

  • Study of oxidation behaviour of AlTiNbCrTa based refractory high entropy alloy

  • Metal Injection Molding of Titanium for Biomedical Applications

  • Study and characterization of the conjoint effect of hermos-chemical shock loading on cold spray coated HSLA steel

  • Design and synthesis of novel refractory high entropy alloys

  • Development of dispersion strengthened high entropy alloy for structural application Design and synthesis of light weight High Entropy Alloy for high temperature application

Research Publications:2

Summer/Winter Internships From other institutions Supervision:

Other Supervision:

Research Publications:

Journal Articles:


  • T. Shanmugasundaram, M. Heilmaier, B.S. Murty, V.Subramanya Sarma, On the Hall-Petch relationship in a Vacuum hot pressed nanostructured Al-Cu alloy, Mater. Sci. Engg. A 527, 2010, pp 7821, Citation 16, Impact factor 2.1


  • T. Shanmugasundaram, M. Heilmaier, B.S. Murty, V.Subramanya Sarma,  Thermal stability of vacuum hot pressed nanostructured Al-Cu alloys,  Materials Science Forum, 690, 2011, pp 234. Impact factor 0.4

  • J.H. Schneibel,  M. Heilmaier, W. Blum, G. Hasemann, T. Shanmugasundaram, Temperature dependence of the strength of fine- and ultrafine-grained materials,  Acta Mater. 59, 2011, pp 1300, Citation 15, Impact factor 3.94


  • T. Shanmugasundaram, M. Heilmaier, B.S. Murty, V.Subramanya Sarma,  On the estimation of true Hall-Petch constants and their role on the superposition law exponent in Al alloys, Adv. Eng. Mater. 14, 2012, pp 892. Citation 3, Impact factor 1.61


  • R. Karthikeyan  T. Shanmugasundaram, V. Subramanya Sarma, B.S. Murty,  Spark plasma sintering of nano-crystalline 9Cr-1Mo ferritic oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) steels,  Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A 44, 2013, pp 4037, Impact factor 1.63


  • T. Shanmugasundaram, E. Bouzy, A.H. Chokshi, Strengthening and weakening by repeated dynamic impact in micro and nanocrystals, Mater. Sci. Engg. A 639 (2015) 97

  • T. Shanmugasundaram, J. Guyon, J.P. Monchoux, A. Hazotte, E. Bouzy, On grain refinement of a γ-TiAl alloy using cryo-milling followed by spark plasma sintering,  Intermetallics 66 (2015) 141


  • T. Shanmugasundaram,  E. Bouzy, A. Hazotte, Phase stability a mechanically alloyed  CoCrCuFeNi HEAs, Adv. Engg. Mater.  19 (2017)  95.


  •  Nitinkumar Pol, Gaurav Verma, R.P. Pandey, T. Shanmugasundaram, Fabrication of AA7005/TiB2-B4C surface composite by friction stir processing: Evaluation of ballistic behaviour, Defence Technology, 15 (2019) 363-368, Impact factor 1.3

  • A. Verma, P. Tarate, A.C. Abhyankar, M.R. Mohape, D.S. Gowtam, V.P. Deshmukh, T. Shanmugasundaram, High temperature wear in CoCrFeNiCux high entropy alloys: The role of Cu, Scr. Mater. 161 (2019) 28-31.

  • Pranjal Chauhan, T. Shanmugasundaram, Inter-Dependency Relationships in High-Entropy Alloys: Phase Stability Criteria, Advanced Engg. Materials, 21 (2019) 1900251

  • B.D. Bhanushali, A. GouravRao, A. P. Singh, S. Parida, V. P. Deshmukh, A. C. Abhayankar,          T. Shanmugasundaram, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AA7005 Alloy Joint by Fusion and Solid-State Welding Processes, Trans Indian Inst Met, 52 (2019) 46-52

Book Chapters:2

Book Chapters:


Conference Papers:


Research/ Review Submitted/ Under Review:

In Press

  • Ankit Singh Negi, T. Shanmugasundaram, Hybrid particles dispersion strengthened aluminum metal matrix composite processed by stir casting, Materials Today: Proceedings , Accepted, In press


  • Pranjal Chauhan , Sushil Yebaji , Vijay N. Nadakuduru, T. Shanmugasundaram, Development of a novel light weight Al35Cr14Mg6Ti35V10 high entropy alloy using mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 820 (2020) 153367.

  • L Verma, VN Nadakuduru, T Shanmugasundaram, TM Kumar, M Verma,  The possibility of synthesizing an Al-based bulk metallic glass using Powder Metallurgy Route, Materials Today: Proceedings , Accepted, In press

  • Ayush Sourav, Sushil Yebaji, T. Shanmugasundaram, Structure-property relationships in hot forged AlxCoCrFeNi high entropy alloys, Materials Science and Engg. A, Accepted, In Press

Any Publications Submitted/Under Review:


Invited Talks:




Awards/ Scholastic Achievements:


  • DAAD- Fellowship

  • Best Project award – Master Thesis

  • Best Presentation award, NMD-ATM, Chennai, Inida

  • Best Presentation award, International Conference, NIT Tiruchirappalli


Government Funded Projects:


  • Development of high strength and ductile Al-Metal-Matrix Composite, DIAT

  • Synthesis of light weight high Entropy alloys for automotive applications,  DST-SERB

  • Hydrogen embrittlement in high strength naval steel – NMRL Ambernath

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