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Dr. Himanshu Sekhar Panda, Associate Professor

Research Lab: Sustainable Energy Laboratory

Email ID:   

Telephone No. 91-20-24604483


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Brief Description:


Dr Himanshu Sekhar Panda is currently working as Associate Professor in Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Defence Research & Development Organization, Ministry of Defence, Govt of India. In this role, he teaches Post-graduate civilian students, tri-services, Scientist/officers of DRDO, officers of Defence PSU and leads different projects and R&D team, which focuses for developing Energy harvesting and storage materials for Defence. The group also collaborates and supports other research groups in DIAT and different R&D organisations, Universities, and Institutions in India.


Dr Panda obtained Master of Technology in Materials Science and Technology from Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India in 2005. He awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India in 2010. He is the recipient of Best Teacher of the Year Award 2013 from DIAT and Best PhD thesis award from IIT Bombay in 2010.


Defence Institute of Advanced Technology is imparting education and training to DRDO Scientists, Service officers (Army, Navy and Air force) and scholarship students through its various academic programs




Ph. D. (Materials Science and Technology); Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India

M.Tech. (Materials Science and Technology), Indian Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi, India


Professional Experience:


  • From April 2022 – Working as Associate Professor, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Defence Institute of Advance Technology (DU), DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Pune, India

  • January 2011 to April 2022 – Worked as an Assistant Professor, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DU), DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Pune, India

  • From Aug. 2009 to Jan. 2011 – Working as researcher 1 in Battelle Science and Technology India, Pvt. Ltd., MNC)




  • Safety training for handling chemicals and doing experimental work in laboratory

  • IPR training.

  • High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy Training (Basic and Advance, Netherland)

  • Refresher Course in Nano Science, UGC Academic Staff College, University of Kerala, 2014

  • FDP in Lab on Chip, AICTE Training and Learning Academy, DIAT, 2020

  • FDP in Energy Engineering, AICTE Training and Learning Academy, Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, 2021


Research Domains:

  • Energy storage electrode materials and its application in Supercapacitor and batteries

  • Ceramics, polymers and nanocomposites for Energy harvesting applications

  • Nanohybrid materials for drug delivery


External funded Projects:


  • Semiconductor Quantum dots in Layered Double hydroxide for the diagnosis of cancer, Funded by DST, Govt of India

  • Characterization and Investigation of Organic capped metal oxides for biological applications, Funded by Lupin Ltd, India

  • Spatial distribution of uranium and associated water quality parameters in three districts of Maharashtra, Funded by BRNS, DAE, Govt of India


Research Collaborations:

  • Naval Materials and Research Laboratories (NMRL)

  • Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

  • University of Concepcion, Chile

  • COEP

  • KIIT

  • Bhabha Atomic Research Centre


Journal Publication(s):


Year 2022:


  1. Elucidating the pseudocapacitive mechanism of ternary Co-Ni-B electrodes: Towards miniaturization and superior electrochemical performance for building outmatched supercapacitors, V Kumar, R Aepuru, A Faizal, H.S Panda, Electrochimica Acta, 140003, 2022

  2. Functionalized dodecyl sulfate ions on Co/Ni hydroxides: synergistic effect on supercapacitor electrode performance, V Kumar, H.S Panda, Bulletin of Materials Science 45 (1), 1-12, 2022

  3. Investigation of mechanical properties based on the particle size of alumina ceramics prepared by circulatory bead milling, P Dixit, B Rawal, H.S Panda, BP Kumar, Ceramics International,


Year 2021:


  1. Enhancement of electrochemical properties of carbon solution doped bismuth ferrite for supercapacitor application, V Kumar, A Soam, PK Sahoo, H.S Panda, Materials Today: Proceedings 41, 165-171, 2021

  2. High-performance lead free piezoelectric Y2O3-Ba (Ti0. 96Sn0. 04)O3 nanofibers based flexible nanogenerator as energy harvester and self-powered vibration sensor, KS Chary, DP Chadalapaka, CS Kumbhar, H.S Panda, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 32 (1), 113-124, 2021

  3. Growth of bimodal NiCo2O4· MnO2 nanorods in situ on carbon fiber paper synergistically affects their electrochemical properties, V Kumar, H.S Panda, New Journal of Chemistry 45 (12), 5399-5409, 2021

  4. Freeze casting of lamellar-structured porous lead-free (Na0. 52K0. 48)(Nb0. 95Sb0. 05)O3 piezoceramic with remarkable enhancement in piezoelectric voltage constant and hydrostatic figure of merit, P Dixit, S Seth, B Rawal, BP Kumar, H.S Panda, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 32 (5), 5393-5403, 2021

  5. Fabrication and Transformation of K0. 5Na0. 5Nb0. 9Sb0. 1O3 Nanostructures to Nanofibers in PVDF-HFP Matrix for Flexible Nanogenerator-Based Thermal Management in Heat Pipes, KS Chary, AK Sharma, CS Kumbhar, AG Rao, CD Prasad, H.S Panda, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 60 (11), 4290-4299, 2021

  6. Polarization Induced Multiferroic Bismuth Ferrite Nanostructures: Investigation of Dielectric and Magnetic Properties, R Aepuru, V Kumar, P Verma, PK Sahoo, H.S Panda, International Scientific Conference Electronics (ET), 1-8, 2021, IEEE

  7. Polyaniline Modified Zinc Oxide Based Flexible Polymer Nanocomposite for Electomechanical Applications, R Aepuru, L Saavedra, RV Mangalaraja, H.S Panda, International Scientific Conference Electronics (ET), 1-4, 2021, IEEE

  8. Miniaturization of binary metal sulfides electrode materials in water-ethanol solvent medium: Remarkable improvement in specific capacitance and cyclic stability, V Kumar, H.S Panda, Materials Chemistry and Physics 272, 125042, 2021

  9. Miniaturization of transition metal hydroxides to hydroxide dots: A direction to realize giant cyclic stability and electrochemical performance, V Kumar, S Datar, H.S Panda, International Journal of Energy Research 45 (14), 20356-20371, 2021

  10. Self-assembled 3D graphene-based aerogel with Au nanoparticles as high-performance supercapacitor electrode, BB Sahoo, N Kumar, H.S Panda, B Panigrahy, NK Sahoo, A Soam, Bhabani Sankar Mahanto, Prasanta Kumar Sahoo, Journal of Energy Storage 43, 103157, 2021


Year 2020:


  1. KS Chary, V Kumar, CD Prasad, H.S Panda, Dopamine-modified Ba 0.85 Ca 0.15 Zr 0.1 Ti0.9O3 ultra-fine fibers/PVDF-HFP composite–based nanogenerator: synergistic effect on output electric signal, Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, 1-11, 2020

  2. RadhamanoharAepuru, Mangalaraja Ramalinga Viswanathan, B.V. BhaskaraRao, Himanshu Sekher Panda, Srikanta Sahu and Prasanta Kumar Sahoo, Tailoring the performance of mechanically robust highly conducting Silver/3D graphene aerogels with superior electromagnetic shielding effectiveness, Diamond and Related Materials, 109, 108043,2020

  3. Observation of morphology resembling Hydrangea macrophylla flower in SILAR-deposited MFe2O4 (M= Co2+, Ni2+, Mn2+) nanocrystallites: synergetic effect on electrochemical performance, V Kumar, H.S Panda, Nanotechnology 31 (41), 415402, 2020

  4. Enhanced dielectric properties and relaxation behavior in double perovskite-polymer-based flexible 0–3 nanocomposite films, R Aepuru, VM Gaikwad, R Udayabhaskar, H.S Panda, Mangalaraja Ramalinga Viswanathan, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 31 (16), 13477-13486,2020

  5. BaZrO3 doping in (Na, K)(Nb,Ta)O3 : investigating the phase transformation behaviour, piezoelectric, dielectric, ferroelectric properties and their stabilityB Rawal, P Dixit, NN Wathore, B Praveenkumar, H.S Panda, Bulletin of Materials Science 43 (1), 1-9, 2020

  6. Polarization-induced quantum-mechanical charge transfer in perovskite–graphene nanocomposites with superior electro-optic switching modulationR Aepuru, CN Rao, R Udayabhaskar, D Vennu, VM Gaikwad, V Kumar, and H.S Panda,The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (49), 26648-26658, 2020


Year 2019:


  1. A Puhan, B Bhushan, V Kumar, H.S Panda, A Priyam, D Das, D Rout, Tailoring the structural, optical and magnetic properties of BiFeO3 multiferroic nanoparticles by Ba, Cr co-doping, Materials Science and Engineering: B 241, 48-54,2019

  2. B Rawal, NN Wathore, B Praveenkumar, H.S Panda, Idiosyncratic behaviour of (Na0.495K0.455Li0.05)(Nb0.95Ta0.05)O3–La2O3 ceramics: Synergistically improved thermal stability, ageing, and fatigue , Journal of Advanced Ceramics 8 (1), 79-89, 2019

  3. B Rawal, P Dixit, B Praveenkumar, H.S Panda, High-energy ball milling of lead-free piezoceramic: influence of milling medium on properties, Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society 55 (3), 729-736,2019

  4. S Butee, KR Kambale, A Ghorpade, A Halikar, R Gaikwad, H. S. Panda, Significant improvement in Curie temperature and piezoelectric properties of BaTiO3 with minimum Pb addition, Journal of Asian Ceramic Societies 7 (4), 407-416,2019

  5. H.S Panda, B Rawal, NN Wathore, B Praveenkumar, Castling of phases in BaZrO3 doped (Na0.52K0.48)(Nb0.95Sb0.05)O3: Synergistic effect on electrical fatigue, ageing and thermal stability, Journal of Electroceramics 43 (1-4), 51-63,2019


Year 2018:


  1. SK Rath, J Bahadur, H.S Panda, D Sen, TU Patro, S Praveen, M Patri, Anomalous toluene transport in model segmented polyurethane–urea/clay nanocomposites, Soft matter 14 (19), 3870-3881,2018

  2. N Kumar, PK Sahoo, H.S Panda, Localize current burst in modified carbon nanotube/polyaniline composite fibers mat electrode miniaturized resistance and improved rate capability for solid-state supercapacitor, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 29 (9), 7562-7574,2018

  3. A Puhan, B Bhushan, V Kumar, H.S Panda, D Rout, Structural and dielectric properties of Ba, Cr co-doped BiFeO3 multiferroic nanoparticles, AIP Conference Proceedings 1953 (1), 030227,2018

  4. PK Sahoo, N Kumar, S Thiyagarajan, D Thakur, H.S Panda, Freeze-Casting of multifunctional cellular 3D-graphene/Ag nanocomposites: synergistically affect supercapacitor, catalytic, and antibacterial properties, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 6 (6), 7475-7487,2018

  5. V Khiratkar, R Aepuru, H.S Panda, Morphology-controlled ultrafine -based PVDF–HFP nanocomposite: synergistic effect on dielectric and electro-mechanical properties

  6. Bulletin of Materials Science 41 (4), 107, 2018

  7. R Aepuru, S Mondal, N Ghorai, V Kumar, H.S Panda, HN Ghosh, Exploring the Carrier Dynamics in Zinc Oxide–Metal Halide-Based Perovskite Nanostructures: Toward Reduced Dielectric Loss and Improved Photocurrent, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (48), 27273-27283,2018


Year 2017:


  1. N Kumar, PK Sahoo, HS Panda, Tuning the electro-chemical properties by selectively substituting transition metals on carbon in Ni/Co oxide–carbon composite electrodes for supercapacitor devices, New Journal of Chemistry 41 (9), 3562-3573,2017

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Year 2016:


  1. R Aepuru, S Kankash, HS Panda, Schottky barrier tuning in semiconducting ZnO and BaTiO3 hybrid heterostructures shows dielectric and electrical anisotropy, RSC advances 6 (38), 32272-32285,2016

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Year 2015:

  1. Ch. N. Rao, S. B. Sagar, N. G. Harshitha, Radhamanohar Aepuru, S. Premkumar, H. S. Panda, R. K. Choubey, and S. N. Kale, Lithium niobate nanoparticle-coated Y-coupler optical fiber for enhanced electro-optic sensitivity, Optics Letters Vol. 40, Iss. 4, pp. 491–494, 2015

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  3. B.V Bhaskara Rao, Prasad Yadav, Radhamanohar Aepuru, H. S. Panda, Satishchandra Ogale and S. N. Kale, Single-Layer graphene-assembled 3D porous carbon composites with PVA and Fe3O4 nano fillers: an interface mediated superior dielectric and EMI shielding performance, Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys, 2015, 17, 18353

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Year 2014:


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Year 2008-13:


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Book Chapter(s):

  1. Metal Hydroxides for Supercapacitors, Viresh Kumar, Rigved Samant, Abu Faizal, Himanshu S Panda, Handbook of Supercapacitor Materials: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications, WILEY‐VCH GmbH

  2. Durability Aspects of Structural Adhesive Joints, H.S. Panda, Rigved Samant, K. L. Mittal and S. K. Panigrahi, Structural Adhesive Joints: Design, Analysis and Testing, 95-132, 2020, Scrivener Publishing LLC

  3. Characterization of various structural adhesive materials, Srujan Sapkal, Pooja Maske, S. K. Panigrahi and H.S. Panda, Scrivener Publishing LLC, Accepted



  • H .S.Panda, R. Srivastava, D. Bahadur “A stable delivery system for statin family drugs” 2093/mum/2008.


Research Group Members with their Project Title:


Completed Doctoral Students:


  • Radhamanohar Rao AVN- Zinc oxide-based dielectric nanocomposite for fabrication of capacitive pressure sensor- 2017 (Year of award)

  • Niraj Kumar- Hybrid pseudo-electric double-layer capacitive electrode materials and their applications for supercapacitor device-2018 (Year of Award)

  • Bhupender Rawal- Development and characterization of Alkali Niobate based lead-free piezoceramics for vibration energy harvesting application-2020 (Year of award)

  • K Suresh Chary- Lead-free piezoelectric nanofiber-based nanogenerator for energy harvesting and sensor application-2021 (Year of award)

  • Viresh Kumar- Fabrication of pseudocapacitive electrode materials and their device for supercapacitor-2021(Year of award)


Ongoing Doctoral Students:


  • Prashant Dixit- Development of functional ceramics for structural and piezoelectric application- 2018 (Year of Registration)

  • Srujan Sapkal- Piezoelectric Materials for nanogenerator applications-2020 (Year of Registration)

  • Arpit Mendhe- Synthesis of electrode materials for energy storage applications-2021(Year of Registration)

  • Shubham-2021 (Year of Registration)


Completed Master of Technology Students:


  • A Marvin Jose- Characterization and development of novel piezoelectric actuator for strategic applications-2012 (Year of Award)

  • Prasad Lokhande- Synthesis and characterization of supercapacitor electrode for strategic application-2013(Year of Award)

  • Glen Deepak D’souza- Simulation of Fiber-reinforced piezoelectric composites for actuator fabrication-2013 (Year of Award)

  • Pranav Sharma- Low-temperature synthesis of hydrophilic ZnSe quantum dots and interaction study of layered double hydroxide with quantum dots-2014 (Year of Award)

  • Viresh Kumar- Synthesis and characterization of electrode materials for Supercapacitor application-2015 (Year of Award)

  • Vaibhav Khiratkar- Fabrication and characterization of dielectric polymer composite for piezoelectric application-2015 (Year of Award)

  • Poonam Verma- Development and characterization of multiferroic Bismuth ferrite-PVDF/HFP composite for electromechanical application-2016 (Year of Award)

  • Sathish Shinde- Study the effect of aging on intergranular corrosion of AK-6 aluminium alloy-2017 (Year of Award)

  • Deepak Jatav- Miniaturization of transition metal-based electrode nanoparticles and their application in supercapacitors-2018 (Year of Award)

  • K Shiv Kumar- Nanohybrid antifouling and anticorrosive coating for ship’s hull-2019 (Year of Award)

  • Abhishek Deshpande- Failure analysis of firefighting pipeline-2019 (Year of Award)

  • Murthy D S- High aspect ratio lead-free Sodium niobate and its application in supercapacitor-2019 (Year of Award)

  • Akhilesh Sharma- Unidirectional KNN modified piezoelectric material as a pressure sensor for thermal management system-2019 (Year of Award)

  • Abu Faizal- Study of the kinetic behavior of electrolytes used for supercapacitor-2020 (Year of Award)

  • Rigved Samant- Modelling, simulation, and synthesis of electrode material for asymmetric supercapacitor device-2020 (Year of Award)

  • Himanshu Pal- Fabrication of PVDF/ZnO composite nanofibers for piezoelectric nanogenerator-2020 (Year of Award)

  • Krishnakant Phand- Fabrication of La-doped ZnO/PVDF-based flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator-2021 (Year of Award)

  • Cheepati Ravi Teja- Synthesis of CoNi hydroxide dots doped polyaniline nanocomposites for supercapacitor-2021 (Year of Award)

  • Pooja D Maske- Synthesis of Nickel doped ZnO and fabrication of pressure sensor for structural health monitoring-2022 (Year of Award)

  • Ashok Kumar Chaudhary- Study of corrosion behavior of additive manufactured AISI 316L Steel-2022 (Year of Award)


Ongoing Master of Technology Students:


  • Albin Albert- Synthesis and characterization of Materials for piezoelectric applications-(Ongoing)

  • Mohammad Amir Ahemad- Fabrication of materials for solar cell device application-(Ongoing).

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