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Unissa Nichul

Research title: Thermomechanical processing and corrosion study of beta titanium alloy.

Personal Details:


Personal WebLink:



Research Domains:
  1. Titanium alloys: Beta titanium and Additively Manufactured Ti6Al4V alloy

  2. Deformation

  3. Microstructural and textural analysis (EBSD)

  4. Texture simulation

  5. Biomedical

  6. Corrosion study

Research Publictions:

1. Unissa Nichul, Rajesh Khatirkar, Ashish Dhole, Vijay Hiwarkar, Cold compression behavior on the evolution of microstructure and texture in Beta C titanium alloy, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Elsevier, 887, 161400, 2021.

2. H.A.Deore, Unissa Nichul, A.G. Rao, V.D.Hiwarkar, Microstructural investigation of WC reinforced Ti-6Al-4V matrix surface composite fabricated via additive friction stir processing, Materialia, Elsevier, 20, 101235, 2021.

3. PK Verma, S Warghane, U Nichul, P Kumar, V.D.Hiwarkar; Effect of boron addition on microstructure, hardness and wear performance of Ti-6Al-4 V alloy manufactured by laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing, Materials Characterization, Elsevier, 172, 110848, 2021

4. PK Verma, S Warghane, U Nichul, P Kumar, V.D.Hiwarkar; Heat-treatment behaviour of SLM-built Titanium Metal Matrix Composite: Microstructure and Tribological performance; Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, Springer, 2022


Unissa Nichul, Vikram Chandrakant Chavan, CheepatiRaviteja, Vijay Hiwarkar; Fabrication of titanium-based peek composite for the surgical treatment of cord compression with instability; Krishna and Saurastri Associates, Bangaluru. and DRDO head office, India, Filing in process. (2022)

Academic Achievements:
  • Graduation:Certification and Training on Leadership Essential Programme, Iron Lady Masterclass , Bangalore , 2022

  • Certificate of Appreciation, Ideation on Missile’s radom manufacturing process. (oral presentation), CSIR-CGCRI. Kolkata, 2017

  • International level elocution position 2 certificate (APM 2014,2015) and position 3 certificate APM 2016.

  • International level Poster presentation on development of smart polymeric materials APM 2014.

  • International level Poster presentation on development of smart polymeric materials APM 2014.

  • Position 1 in innovative idea and oratory skills on good governance day 2014.

  • International conference Plast India 2014.

  • Position 2 in Ideation in inter-college competition 2015

Technical Skills:

Hands on experience in characterization technique FESEM, SAXS, Optical Microscopy, UTM tensile machine, Electrochemical analyser (CH Instrument and Nova both).

Software proficiency:



1. Student membership at Indian Institute of Metals

2. Student member at IQAC at DIAT, Pune

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