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Jigar Patadiya

Ph.D. title - “Composites of shape memory polymers for energy absorbing application: Design and Fabrication”

Research area – 3D/4D printing, Polymer composite, Biomimetic, energy absorbing, Structural applications.

Publications -

  1. Jigar Patadiya, Ganesh Gawande, Balasubramanian K., A review on polybenzimidazoles blends and nanocomposites for engineering applications, Polymer-Plastic Technology and Materials, 2022, 1-28, DOI -

  2. Jigar Patadiya, Balasubramanian K., Progress in 4D printing of stimuli responsive materials, Polymer-Plastic Technology and Materials, 2021, Vol. 60, Issue 17, 1-40, DOI -

  3. Jigar Patadiya, Adwait Gawande, Ganpati Joshi, Balasubramanian K., Additive manufacturing of shape memory polymer composites for futuristic technology, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2021, DOI -

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