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The Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, which started in 1985 under the name of ‘Faculty of Metallurgy,’ was recently rechristened to its present name in 2010. The Department is striving to create a vibrant atmosphere for education and research in materials science and engineering. Towards achieving this, the Department is imparting education and training to DRDO Scientists, Service officers, and scholarship students through its various academic programs, viz., M. Tech, MS, and Ph.D. and by participating extensively in R&D activities for different DRDO labs, like, ASL, DMRL, NMRL, DMSRDE, ADE, DEBEL and NPOL, and Industries. 

The Department is currently endowed with competent faculties from various world-class industries and academic institutes with comprehensive research and development experience. Presently, the Department aims to contribute significantly to the research output in scientific papers and technology developments in many strategic and advanced materials. The research areas are intelligent textiles, biosensors, electrospinning technique, magnetic materials, engineering adhesives, structural composites, nanocomposites, hybrid supercapacitors, functional materials, plastics processing, piezoelectric materials, supercritical foaming technology, and rapid prototyping for defence, aerospace, and other engineering applications.  The Department has been sanctioned several projects funded by MoD, DST, BARC, L&T, Lupin pharmaceuticals. During the next five years, the Department is envisioning to create a Center of Excellence in Materials Research. 

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